Kibana 5.2: is there a way not to save (pinned) filters to vizualisations / dashboards?


we have logs of multiple stages (qa, dev, prod) in one elk.
So i pinned 3 filters, where you can choose between the stages.

But if I create a visualization or an dashboard with an activated pinned filter, this decission is also changed. If it is in an visualization, it breaks if I switch to another stage in a dashboard.

So is there any way to tell kibana not to store filters or pinned filters into a vizualisation?

Thanks, Andreas

i don't think that is possible at the moment.

but then I don't understand the sense of pinned filters.
Since filters (pinned or not) are connected via AND condition and pinned filters are visible everywhere, it does not make any sense to to save them in a lower level.
Or at least they need to be overridden by higher level, in this case the dashboard.

That's my point of view.

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