Feedback on CSV export of saved search in dashboard


I've been excited when I noticed that was implemeted in 7.3.0. Because I really need this feature I played around with it and found some issues.

First I describe my expectation here:

  • selecting / exporting fields works identically to csv export in discovery module, but without the need for saving the saved search
  • changing the columns / fields which should be exported can be done on the fly on dashboard, without the need to save the saved search or the dashboard
  • works seamless in container environment


Issue 1: environment variables not translated for docker

I tried to activate it in my kubernetes environment by passing following environment:

  value: "true"

-> it has no effect. I found out, that the parameter is not in the whitelist of the entrypoint wrapper yet.

Setting no fields only exports timestamp instead of all used fields

If I do not set any field in my saved search, I expect all fields to be exported to csv, which are used in my result set. That way it is done by discovery csv export where it is whitelisting all used fields in the report object in kibana index.
But on dashboard level only the timestamp is exported to csv if no fields are selected.

-> created issue:

Field names to be exported are taken from saved search and not from current dashboard view

If I use a different configuration on saved search and on dashboard, then the selected fields of saved search are used instead of the shown fields on dashboard.


  • saved search: field hostname is selected.
  • saved search embedded on dashboard: ipAddress is selected.

I expect to see timestamp and ipIddress in csv when exporting on dashboard level. But the csv contains timestamp and hostname. It doesn't matter if I save the dashboard or if I do the column changes without saving. But I expect that it should work without saving.

created this issue:


In which gitub repo should I place that entrypoint wrapper script issue? Where is the kibana docker repository on github?

Hi, thanks for the feedback! Export to CSV from Dashboard is still in an early stage.

The Kibana Docker image is built in the Kibana repo. The Dockerfile template is here: kibana/dockerfile.template.js at 86c3ac4ff4f8b69d71116a359bfc8aaf8b872ed4 · elastic/kibana · GitHub So any issue with the image can be filed in the main Kibana repo.

thanks. I also created an issue for the entrypoint:

Hope this feature gets improved very soon. This feature is on my wishlist for a long time :wink:

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