Download CSV from dashboard panel


I'm having trouble exporting saved searches from a Kibana dashboard in CSV format through the Download CSV tool.

The download works as usual when I set the time interval (through the time picker of the dashboard) to a relative value, for example ( 'now-last 24h', 'now'), or to an absolute value or a mixture of the two.

The problem happens when I set the time picker to "Today". The CSV is produced and downloaded, but it does not contain any data.
It just reports the header (the fields used as columns in the saved search).

This happen only whean I want to export a saved search from a Kibana panel by using the Download CSV button and when setting the time interval to "Today".


If I try the same from the Discover application throught the Share > CSV Reports option, by using the same saved search and setting the time picker to "Today", Kibana correctly exports the CSV file with all the data.

I'm using Elasticsearch v7.9.3 and Kibana v7.9.3.

Is there some known Kibana bug the causes this behaviour?

Unfortunately Kibana and Elasticsearch logs are not very helpful in this case.

This sounds a lot like this issue: [Reporting] Saved search exports an empty csv if an end time in the future is selected. · Issue #69636 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

There are a few workarounds suggested in the issue, including upgrading to the latest version of the stack, which is 7.12.0

I upgraded Kibana to v7.12.0 and it solved the problem.


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