CSV reporting from saved search from dashboard flow

Could please someone clarify how to use the reporting feature properly?
I have a dashboard with some visualizations and saved search. I want to export as csv the saved search results but i can't do it in comfortable way:

  1. It is not possible to do this from dashboard directly - i have to manually open saved search in discover tab, or press the cog menu on saved search during the dashboard edit. And anyway i have to manually add the same filters and queries used in dashboard to the saved search.
  2. It is not possible to export data from saved search until it is saved again with all added filter\queries. So here are two more issues - either i save this search as new each time i have to export (generating a pile of disposable saved searches), or i simply overwrite my saved search - breaking it for all other users of the same dashboard.

So how one can use this feature from shared dashboard in collaborative manner?

Hey Stanislav, thanks for raising this issue. I agree that this is a poor UX and it's something we need to address. Unfortunately, I don't think there are any better workarounds than the ones you've already found. However I've just created a GitHub issue which captures the problem you describe. Please subscribe to it if you'd like to track its progress.


Thanks for opening the issue on GitHub. Let's wait then :slight_smile:

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