Is it possible to export logs from Kibana?

(Amruth) #1


Can someone please say if there is a way to export logs from Kibana just like we have it in Splunk?


(Jen Huang) #2

You can export any Saved Searches from Discover. This is available in 6.x with X-Pack installed (free basic license). After creating a Saved Search, exporting can be found under Reporting > Generate CSV:

CSV outputs can be downloaded in Management > Reporting.

(Amruth) #3

Thanks Jen. Is it not possible in Kibana under 6.x?

(Jen Huang) #4

There are some patches for CSV export for 5.6.x, linked in this thread:

You can also export Visualizations, which is available in older versions like Kibana 4. This doesn't export all the raw data, just the summary responses, but may be sufficient for some use cases:

(Amruth) #5

Thank Jen.

I've gone through I am using Kibana 5.6.7, is there any patch specific to Kibana 5.6.7?

Also, can you please share on how to install patch?


(Jen Huang) #6

If it is possible for you to upgrade, there is a 5.6.8 patch:

Here are the installation steps from the thread.

(Amruth) #7

Thank Jen. But, I've already upgraded twice. If I have to upgrade it would be third time and involves some work. So, there's nothing for version 5.6.7?

(Jen Huang) #8

You could ping Fabien/@fbaligand on the same thread and he may be able to provide one for 5.6.7.
(Thank you Fabien for contributing!)

(Fabien Baligand) #9

Hi @amruth

Here's the csv-export patch for Kibana 5.6.7, freshly built just for you !

(Fabien Baligand) #10

Hi @jen-huang

Happy to see you appreciate my contributions :slight_smile:

(Amruth) #11

Thanks a lot Fabien. I will try it and let you know. Once again thank you so much Jen and Fabien for the prompt reply.

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