How to fetch data from Elasticseach and display in React using APIs

Hello, I'm from Ethiopia, and I'm working in Front-end Website Development. am using ReactJS and Elasticsearch. I'm getting trouble fetching data from Elasticsearch( the display it on React table. I have already created a table in React app and I have data on Elasticsearch. So, Please help me! How to fetch data from Elasticsearch and display it on React Table using APIs?

Hi @khlinten_demelash Welcome to the community.

I am not a frontend developer but did you look at the Javascript Client and Get Examples and Search Examples

Hi Stephen, Please help me with "how to display JSON data to React Table". I have already fetched data from Elasticsearch using API successfully.

But now, I can't display the JSON data in to React table.

Hi @khlinten_demelash

Sorry not my area of expertise and that is really a JSON to React data table / javascript question not really elasticsearch question.

Perhaps someone else can help...

Or do a quick Google search JSON to react data table.... Or ask in one of the many react forums

Okay, please forward my question to someone who is an expert on React. Please Stephen

It does not work that way... We will see if someone else answers... But really it is not an Elasticsearch question... It's a JSON react question...

I did a quick search

I would suggest you do the same

Okay, Thanks Steph. I was stressed. You are right, I have already fetched data from Elastic.

Sorry Stephen, but how can i get the code? or This "" is really what I want

I don't know...That was just a suggestion ... I just did a quick search
..Let's see if someone else will answer...

But again it's not really an Elasticsearch question/ issue..

I just did a quick search perhaps this is better

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