How to fiilter data based on a specific hour in Kibana

Hi All,

We are trying to gather daily data at a certain time and ignore all other time, for example:

We want data for hour 20:00:
February 5th 2017, 20:00:00.000
February 6th 2017, 20:00:00.000
February 7th 2017, 20:00:00.000
February 8th 2017, 20:00:00.000
February 9th 2017, 20:00:00.000

Is there a way to do this in Kibana?

Thank you,

What is the nature of what you are actually trying to accomplish?

Are you always only concerned with hour 20, or does that need to accommodate any time window?

How would you specify the time window?

Are you trying to build visualizations with the filtered results?

Hi Jim,

I am trying to create a line chart visual where the X-Axis has the dateTime
and Y-Axis has count. The dateTime will be sampled every 24 hours, so even
if there is data in between the 24 hours we only want to take a count at a
certain time every day. I only used hour 20 as an example.

I appreciate your reply.

Thank you,

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