Kibana bar chart - how to show only hours in the X-axis, not the entire date

I am creating a visualization with bar charts and using date histogram on the x-axis. i am selecting the hourly interval. when the data populates the X-axis shows the entire date, not just hours, what i want.

How can i do that?

Kibana Version: 6.3

Any help help would be appreciated.

So you want things bucketed by the hours 0-23?

Yes, the data is cumming as expected but the x-axis markers are showing the entire date, i want to show only the the hour. If it is displaying the entire date(2018-08-20 07:00), since it is log string and showing only 3-4 values on the x-axis.
Appreciate your quick response.

You either need to create a scripted field to extract the hour from the date, or extract that during ingestion to allow you to create the visualistion.

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