Date not visible while creating small interval buckets using Date Histogram


I'm using Kibana 7.15.0 and while using Date Histogram in bucket aggregations, I can't see the date on the bars created when the interval is smaller than 1 hour:

For interval = 15 mins, the date is not shown on any of the bars in a bar or line chart.

For interval = 1 hour or more, the date is shown.

Can someone give a solution or workaround please? It's important to view granular data for us.


Best available way to control the visualization directly in 7.15 is to consider a custom vega visualization--this gives you precise control of how the axis is formatted. Scroll down to the X-axis on the default sample and try adding a format section like

  x: {
      axis: {
        title: false, 
        format: "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M" // Customize X axis format

The Vega lite spec accepts a variety of date formats from d3

As an aside, I wanted to mention we are overhauling the time axis across the variety of visualization editors in Kibana in 8.0 to address this issue (among others). The new time axis @ 8.0 is multi layered and always will show the full date. So you could just wait for an upgrade to solve this hopefully as another option


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Thanks for the reply. For our end-users, Lens or Aggregation based visualizations are better suited. We hope to see this facility in those visualizations. Is there any way or work-around for those while we wait for the version upgrade? Specifically for Lens visualizations.


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