How to filter based on aggregation results?

How can I filter a table view on Kibana based on the aggregation results?
I've seen a lot of recommendations to use document count, but it doesn't work for my use case.

I have network logs where a single document indicates how much data was transferred during a tcp connection. So the field bytesReceived has the number of bytes received by a host during a connection.

On Kibana I want to create a table view with the "host" bucket and the aggregation as "sum of -> bytes received" But I only want to see the hosts where the sum of all bytes received in the last 24 hours is: greater than, lower than or equal to a number. (With separate filters for each case)

A single document can indicate that a host "bytesReceived" in 24h was greater than X number.
Or the sum of all "bytesReceived" for a host in multiple documents was greater than X number.

How can I filter it on Kibana table view?

To clarify, for example:
The sum of "bytesReceived" in 100 documents could be equal 3000
While the sum of "bytesReceived" for 2 other documents could be 4000000

And I want to show only lines where sum of "bytesReceived" are greater than 1000000 for example.


Up! - Any advice on this?
Please, let me know if this needs further clarification.

@timroes can we please get some help here?



this is unfortunately not possible. Elasticsearch can do that via the bucket selector aggregation, but we don't support that yet in Kibana.

You can follow to track support for that feature in Kibana.


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