Filter on SUM?


I was wondering whether its possible to create a filter a query dsl to filter values where the SUM of a field exceeds X?

If have a bar graph that sums bytes as a metric and a bucket term on a location field so I get the total bytes per location.

However I want to graph only the locations where the SUM of bytes for that particular location exceeds e.g 1GB.

The usual tricks I know don't work because it needs to be applied to the SUM.

There isn't really a way to apply a filter for an aggregation, but you can do something like there where you only show bars for the terms that go above your threshold (by setting a min for the Axis extent):

Thanks but it doesn't hide the actual term so in my case that will cause a lot of clutter. Also it doesn't seem to work very reliably on 6.5. Putting the the raw byte value sometime a bar is hidden, sometimes not.

Maybe using Watcher to get the SUM and write that to an index to visualize on is a better solution.

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