How to 'filter' in Discover when the field is a scripted field

I have a Discover table which contains several scripted fields. When I click on the a cell (corresponding to a scripted field) to filter values - nothing happens. I do see a filter query getting created, but it does not function. I also do not see any error message.
Could I be doing something wrong, or it is a not a capability within Kibana yet.

Below is the DSL snipped I get after adding a filter by clicking on a cell -

Background - I had to create scripted fields because I wanted to give my fields a prettier name.

Hey @Ssingh12,

I believe you've run into a known limitation with scripted fields. Your specific script defines an inline function (compare), and we recently discovered that this isn't supported when used inside a filter.

See related discussion here: Getting a no_viable_alt_exception only when trying to filter using a scripted field

Hi @Larry_Gregory, great input. I did not understand the discussion nicely as I am a beginner. I am gathering that what I am trying won't work.
I will have to look around for workarounds.

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