How to filter options from a field selected


Is there a possibility to filter values from the field that has been selected? For example, my field A has 20 options.

Scenario 1 -
a) I want my field A to show only the necessary values - 8 of them

Scenario 2 -
b) I want to show the remaining 12 options.

Please let me know if there is a possibility for this? Any sort of help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Let me understand.
You have a field, ex: array, and when you search for the term in this array, do you want only one element of the array in the return, not the whole document?

Ex: Doc

"gender" : [

Search by action then return

"gender" : [


Thanks for your reply. Here is what my requirement is -

  1. I select the field in kibana - say x.keyword which has 20 options and I have 2 conditions, based on my filter on organization(2 items are available), I want to show either 8 options or 12 options.


Show your query so I can understand better.
Am I understanding that your field is an array, or am I wrong?

We found an alternative in the backend and it's taken care now :slight_smile: Thanks

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