How to filter search query by repeated words?


I am trying to write a search query which will search by taking input like keywords, example - apple, fruit, summer.
After that it should return me the data from the Elasticsearch if all these 3 keywords are present in each string for 3 or more times.

I recommend read this:

It doesn't have anything about repeated words like the word should be repeated in field 1 field 2 and field 3, 2 or more times.

Would a custom/script similarity help in your case? See Similarity module | Elasticsearch Guide [8.1] | Elastic

Custom/script similarity is for similar words thats the different thing I guess.

What I want to do is search for given keywords as for example apple,fruit,red and it should present in field1,field2,field3 and keyword which I search is present in all the fields i.e. 1,2 and 3 and each keywords should be repeated more than 1 times.

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