How to filter visualization based on result of aggregate?

I'm trying to create a variety of visualizations based on aggregates. The index is holding financial transactions, and I'm looking for accounts with outstanding balances. The simplest visualization is a data table that splits rows into buckets based on terms. I'd like to exclude all of the buckets/rows where the sum of a field is zero. Based on my reading, I believe that this is not possible.

How can this be shown in Kibana?


@thomasneirynck can you please advice here?


hi @Steven_Ensslen,

this is similar to a HAVING clause in SQL.

Elasticsearch has something called a "bucket selector": This is likely what you'd want to use.

This functionality is not available in Kibana though. There's an open ER for that:

If you think that's in-line with what you need, I would go and upvote that ticket.

If you are willing to get down and dirty, you may be able to work around this limitation by creating a Vega-visualization. Vega is a declarative languages for visualizations, and it can handle rudimentary tables (e.g. Kibana has a plugin in 6.2, and it allows you to put in the raw ES-query for your data ( This is an experimental feature in Kibana, but may be worth checking out.

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