How to filter with a few value?

(Karol) #1

I have this filter, but it searchs just a one IP. How to and another IP to search e.g ""?
It is possible?

"query": {
"match": {
"ip": {
"type": "phrase"

(Matt Bargar) #2

In the filter editor UI, use the "is one of" option:

(Karol) #3

Ok but how to do when he have e.g 50 values to filtr? Copy/past doesnt work.

(Matt Bargar) #4

Yeah, there isn't a great way to do that at the moment. You can click "Edit Query DSL" and modify the JSON with copy/paste, but that's not ideal. Please feel free to open an enhancement request on our github repo.

(Karol) #5

Thanks! Can we filter without duplicate ? I have a few record with the same IP, and I need to filter without duplicate IP. Can we do this ?

(Matt Bargar) #6

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean exactly, can you elaborate?

(Karol) #7

When I use filtr "IP" - The kibana finds me e.g 100 logs.
The logs has differents values but some logs has the same IP.
I just need to use some filtr becasue I would to see logs without duplicate IP.

(Matt Bargar) #8

So you'd only like to see documents that contain an IP that is unique to that single document?

If my understanding of the question is correct, this is a tough one to solve. There isn't a good way to automatically filter out duplicates. Depending on your data and use case, you might be able to first create a visualization with a terms agg on the IP field and a min_doc_count of 2. This would find all the IPs that appear more than once. You could then grab all those IPs and manually create a filter that filters them out. It's not a great solution, but maybe it could work for you.

In the future we'd like to enhance Kibana so that it could do these types of multi-step queries automatically.

(system) #9

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