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(gearoid houston) #1

Could someone explain to me how to use the 'is one of' filter.

I want to filter the index to display documents containing only flight numbers 103 and 469.

I have attached a screenshot displaying the section I need to enter the values into.elastic

(Joe Fleming) #2

It's a little weird, but it's pretty simple. You simply type in a value and hit enter. When you do, that value will become a "pill", and you can start typing in a new value, hitting enter to create another "pill" value. When you are done, just click save.

In your case, you'd type 103, press enter, then type 469, press enter again, and then click the save button.

filter one of

(Karol) #3

How to do when I have 50 values to filter? Copy/paste it doesn't work.

(Joe Fleming) #4

When you say "Copy/paste it doesn't work", I assume you mean only with that input, since it does the whole "enter to create pill" thing. You can edit the filter manually using the "Edit Query DSL" control on the top right. This will allow you to modify the filter's JSON directly. That should allow you to paste multiple filters at once.

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