Multiple items query Kibana

Hi there, I have a dumb question but I can't find the right solution.
I have to add a filter in a Kibana visualization with the procedure Add a filter --> type is one of --> Values.

My first issue is that the list of possible types is too long to add them manually.
I think that the best option would be to edit the Query DSL json.

However, my second issue is that afterwards I get a URL overflow.

Which is the correct way to deal with these huge filters?

What is it you are trying to do? What does your data look like? What is the purpose of these huge filters?

Hi @Christian_Dahlqvist,

I have an index on Elasticsearch which is basically a collection of events containing a series of the following information:


And I created a series of Visualizations on Kibana, e.g. the line chart of the average of propertyN by time_stamp.

What I would like to do is to add a filter on a visualization showing only a list of possible ids. But this list is fairly long (more than 1000 items) so it is not practical to add them manually.

Thank you

Even customizing the Query DSL by hand and enabling the advanced setting state:storeInSessionStorage I'm getting the following error: Visualize: Request Entity Too Large

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