Filter limit in Kibana visualisations


I have a script that creates a filter. In the future, this filter can be very large so it can filter around 1200 elements or more.
Is there any limit on how many filters can be added in Kibana visualisations or discover?

Thank you in advance!


By filter do you mean the filter pills below the query bar? If yes, there are a bunch of limits you will run into:

  • URL length - the filters are synced into the URL, so adding new filters will increase URL length. Modern browsers can handle quite long urls, but there do have a limit (2MB for Chrome)
  • Payload size - the payload sent to the Kibana server (and to Elasticsearch) is limited - you can however configure this in Kibana and Elasticsearch (server.maxPayloadBytes and http.max_content_length)
  • I'm not 100% sure about this one, but Elasticsearch might have a limit on how complex the query clause of a search request is allowed to get. It might make sense to separately ask in the Elasticsearch forum

Hi Joe!

Thank you for your response!

Yes but I mean in one filter how many values can we add?
LIke here:

So can we add more than 1000 or more values?


There's no fixed limit for this, but my comments still apply. If your values aren't too long (like not above multiple hundred characters each), then no limit should be hit for around 1000 values and it should work just fine.

You probably know, but just to make sure - the "is" operator just takes a single value, but the "is one of" operator takes as many as you like.

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Great, thank you!
Yes the picture is wrong I should put "is one of"


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