Kibana - maximum amount of values in the DSL terms search

Hi! I'm trying to do a DSL filter in Kibana, in order to filter by a large amount of values on a specific field. For this, I'm using this syntax:

  "query": {
    "bool": {
      "filter": {
        "terms": {
          "ip": [

My question is: what's the maximum number of values that I can include inside the Terms part? Is it the same as the one defined for Elasticsearch, or does Kibana have a specific limitation in the DSL filter functionality?

Thanks a lot in advance for your support!

I am not aware of any additional safeguards on the Kibana side. Are you experiencing any issues?

Hi Maja!

Some customers were complaining that they could not complete the search when the amount of values was high, but maybe that was just performance. I will address this to my ELK DevOps team then, so they can confirm what's the limitation on the ELK side (65K as default or lower, if they somehow decided to limit on their side).

Thanks so much!

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