How to find latency/time taken to display the URL using heartbeat

I have heartbeat to get the URL status in kibana. Also, I am trying to display the time it takes to load the web page in the browser/client from web server.
In the curl command, there is an field "time_total" by which we can get latency of the url. is there a way to get this value in heartbeat ?
I checked the documentation and enough google, but it seems this issue is not discussed in elasticsearch forums. I believe there should be options using headers to get the latency. In the documentation it is not mentioned what header values can be requested.
If there is a way, could you please suggest the options and configurations in heartbeat.yml file.

The event format in heartbeat has been changed in 6.0alpha2. For details/new fields see this PR:

The changes also adds a few timers on the http monitor.

Steffens @ Thanks. I think this is what I need. Actually, I need the actual time it takes to download the pages or it web server time taken to server the url. I do not need the total time it takes to ssh,handshake with the destination server,time to server request as a whole. I need to check the web server traffic.
so, the new field http.rtt.validate will give the web server time taken to serve the page? Is my understanding correct ?

http.rtt.validate : Duration between first byte of HTTP request being written and response being processed by validator. Duration based on already available network connection.

Steffens @ When is this version 6.0.0-alpha2 planned for release. Shall we expect in next one or two months.

6.0.0-alpha2 should be available for a while. Upcoming release is 6.0.0-beta1 (hopefully the next weeks)

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