Kibana Line Chart - Exact Value

I am using pingbeat to get info about latency to remote sites. It works well however I am having trouble in Kibana getting it to visualize like I want it. Right now I have a Line chart that displays the values, however it wont display the exact last result received. I want to know if my remote offices have a significant jump in latency immediately but it is averaging it over the 15 minutes of data I am reviewing. I have tried using median and max but what I really need is "now." Does anyone know how I can pull the latest number and simply plot it on a line graph for multiple sites at once?

I am sorry if this is a simple question and I seem like I have no clue but I am still very new to this software and am trying to learn as I go.


This isn't currently available in Kibana but we are tracking it in a feature request at