How to find Retention Rate of users in kibana

How to create a chart in kibana to represent Retention Rate.

Can you elaborate?

And what is your data model?
It is a bit hard to guess what you need and want without details.

I have a application log in elasticsearch as below
user_id | timestamp | Event
1 |2020-11-01T01:00:00.629Z|login
1 |2020-11-01T01:30:00.629Z|logout
2 |2020-11-01T01:30:00.629Z|login
1 |2020-11-02T01:40:00.629Z|login

If company had 1,000 customers at the beginning of Q1 and ended the quarter with 1,200 customers, after having won 300 new ones over the span of Q1, your CRR would be 90%.

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