How to get all results with search API

I am trying to use the REST API to get the contents of the index.

I found that this API only retrieves up to 10 results by default.

I also found that by using the size option, I can retrieve the specified number of results.

However, I want to retrieve all the results I specify.
Is it possible to retrieve all results without specifying the size?

Out of curiosity, why do you want all the results at once and not use size or any other pagination strategy?


@RabBit_BR Thanks for commenting.
Ah. I knew there was such a function.
Where is it described? Please tell me how to use it.

Oh. I'm guessing you mean this one?

If so, maybe you can refer to this area for how to use it.

This post explain about techniques pagination.

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@RabBit_BR Wow. Thank you. I will read this article.

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