How to get around payload in Elasticsearch 5.0

I'm in the process to upgrade my old Elasticsearch cluster to Elasticsearch 5.0.

I noticed that they removed payload from Elasticsearch 5.0 and that's been preventing me from successfully upgrading Elasticsearch.

I realized that payload appears many times in my code. The following are my code snippets that include payload.

  index: "users",
  type: "user",
  id: username,
  body: {
    name_suggest: {
      input: displayname
      payload: { "user_id": username }
}, function(error) {

I'm using React.js(JSX) and Express.js to show the search results in the following snippet.

return (
  <ul id="searchValue" key="wow">
    {result.options[0] ? <a href={"users/" + result.options[0].payload.user_id}><li style={{display: this.state.searchResults}} key={ result.options[0].payload.user_id }>{ result.options[0].text}</li></a> : null}
    {result.options[1] ? <a href={"users/" + result.options[1].payload.user_id}><li style={{display: this.state.searchResults}} key={ result.options[1].payload.user_id }>{ result.options[1].text}</li></a> : null}
    {result.options[2] ? <a href={"users/" + result.options[2].payload.user_id}><li style={{display: this.state.searchResults}} key={ result.options[2].payload.user_id}>{ result.options[2].text}</li></a> : null}
    {result.options[3] ? <a href={"users/" + result.options[3].payload.user_id}><li style={{display: this.state.searchResults}} key={ result.options[3].payload.user_id}>{ result.options[3].text}</li></a> : null}
    {result.options[4] ? <a href={"users/" + result.options[4].payload.user_id}><li style={{display: this.state.searchResults}} key={ result.options[4].payload.user_id}>{ result.options[4].text}</li></a> : null}

As you can see, I use payload many times.

In Elasticsearch 5.0, how do I need to update the code to make it work without payload?

I was able to solve this by myself.
I posted a solution here.

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