How to get Average from AvgAggregationBuilder elastic search for spesific keys

I'm am trying to get results from Elastic search
with spesic keys example:

average salary, by city, gender

so i check at metrics_aggregations

and I was able

AvgAggregationBuilder totalDuration = AggregationBuilders.avg("salaryAvg").field("salary");

it did return the most high level - average salary without specific fields

So I tried using subAggregation

AvgAggregationBuilder totalDuration =     AggregationBuilders

but i got below error

Server Error. 21525\nElasticsearchStatusException[Elasticsearch exception [type=aggregation_initialization_exception, reason=Aggregator [salaryAvg] of type [avg] cannot accept sub-aggregations]]\n\tat

how can I query it with elastic search what I want is something quite similar to SQL - group by

each row of my elastic response data seems like that:


{HashMap$Node@53898} "city" -> "new York"
{HashMap$Node@53899} "pageId" -> "123"
{HashMap$Node@53900} "salary" -> "45765"
{HashMap$Node@53900} "gender" -> "female"
{HashMap$Node@53901} "userId" -> "324"
{HashMap$Node@53902} "accountId" -> "456"


{HashMap$Node@53898} "city" -> "new Jersy"
{HashMap$Node@53899} "pageId" -> "123"
{HashMap$Node@53899} "salary" -> "77777"
{HashMap$Node@53900} "gender" -> "female"
{HashMap$Node@53901} "userId" -> "334"
{HashMap$Node@53902} "accountId" -> "999"

How can I support it using Elastic search JAVA API?

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