How to get count, Avg response time and number of errors in a single visualisation?

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I want to build a visualisation where I can see count(number of hits), Average response time(where response time is a field in the event) and count of type:errors(where type is a field in the event).

Can someone please help me?


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Hi there,

You can use our Visualize app to create a chart, e.g. an Area Chart. If you create a Bucket for the X-Axis and select a type of "Date Histogram" and then click the "Play" icon button you will, by default, see a chart for the count of your hits over time.

To add another chart which displays average response time, click the "Add metrics" button under the "Metrics" section in the configuration, and configure this Y-Axis Metric to use the "Average" aggregation and change the field to your field for response time. Clicking play will update your visualization with this new chart as well.

Your third question is a bit unclear, because I'm not sure what kind of values are stored in your "type" field. But if we assume that's a number, you can click the "Add metrics" button again and configure this metric to use the "Sum" aggregation and configure the field to be "type". This will add another chart showing you how many errors you have.

Does this help?


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