How to get counts of root level (parent) documents for indices?

I'm presently using this to get a high-level snapshot of index counts:

GET /_cat/indices?v&s=docs.count:desc

But it's displaying all documents included nested documents. I can't find any documentation on whether possible to also (or just) display the count of parent documents per index. For example, I have a store index:

health status index                 uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
yellow open   store_20181024_082902 TFiAcSJEQkey5maZ1KTGWA   5   1       5825          215      1.1mb          1.1mb

But there are only something like 1184 store documents in this index. I suppose it's also possible to do a search for all records without enabling _source, but this only applies to a single index.


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