How to get dashobards based on ID

I am using elastic cloud and I am trying to use a saved object ID to tie it to a dashboard name. Ive tried everything and cant get the query to work. Im trying to use devtools to find a dashboard name based on a given saved object ID.


Have you checked out the documentation available at REST API | Kibana Guide [8.12] | Elastic?

For instance, you can use the following command in DevTools to access a specific saved object:

GET kbn:/api/saved_objects/dashboard/<your_saved_object_id>

Just replace <your_saved_object_id> with the actual ID of the object you're looking to query. This will allow you to directly retrieve the details of the desired dashboard through Kibana's Saved Objects API.

That did retrieve info about the dashboard but it did not return the name of the dashboard. I need to be able to query the name so that I may match up a dashboard ID with its name.

Could you put your results here as an example? By running this, you should receive a title attribute with the name of the dashboard.

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