Get dashboards IDs for REST API backup/snapshots

Hello friends,
Im tasked to create backups of dashboards and their visualizations, and from a previous post i know that i can use the kibana REST api, but it looks like i need the dashboard id to get its contents. However, we have about 10 dashboards with around 10 visualizations and... as you can probably guess, keeping track of all IDs gets messy real quick.

Wondering if there is a way to get all dashboard id via rest, elasticsearch rest, curator, etc, so that i can eventually create a script to use those ids and save the resulting json somewhere?

How about snapshotting the Kibana indices? Here are some details of the naming convention: There is a .kibana alias which points to a .kibana_X index, where the highest value is usually the most current.

Also, starting in 7.2, we have a new API for bulk export/import of Kibana objects:

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