How to get data from call manager

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Hi, is it possible to for dashboard on KIbana based on data from cisco call manager? Can Kibana send script/commands, curl commands to call manager and receive data and form dashboard/tables?

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All the graphs on a Kibana dashboard have their data stored in Elasticsearch. So you would have to setup a data transfer process that indexes your data into Elasticsearch. Then you can use Kibana to create a dashboard

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That is not something you would use Kibana for. Look at how you can poll the data from the Cisco call manager. Then look at using logstash for pulling them and pushing them into Elasticsearch. Then you can visualize them in Kibana.

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I see logstash cant pull data, but we need to input data into logstash , correct? if so, then I'd need something btw logstash and call manager to send request to call manager to transfer reply to logstash , correct?

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Ofc logstash can poll data. What do you use input plugins for?
I would start looking at call manager and see how you can get the data out of it. If it can write to a file then you can use filebeat or logstash to pick it up.. If it can output to a syslog target you can use logstash as a target..

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