How to get Duration value to calculate with?

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Hi guys,

im a beginner in Elasticsearch and here is my problem. Below you can see the log, I want to get for instance the duration value which is given in seconds here, then I want divide it by 60 so I have the minutes. Can you please tell what pattern I need to match that and how to calculate with the values after that?

Thanks in advance

message:<134>Feb 27 21:58:03.439 newnode01 2018-02-27 21:58:03,439 Level="INFO" Name="administrator.conference" Message="Conference has been stopped." Conference="New VMR" Service-tag="" Service-type="conference" Duration="10.400" host: @timestamp:February 27th 2018, 22:58:03.440 @version:1 type:syslog _id:X9BF2WEBxgyqZgr-xOFI _type:mylogs _index:myindex _score: -

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