How to get json subfield from input and use it as document_id elastic?

Good day!
I have this work config for logstash:

input {
kafka {
zk_connect => "kafka:2181"
topic_id => "requests"
group_id => "kafka_requests"
consumer_threads => 1
output {
elasticsearch {
codec => "json"
index => "kafka_requests-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"

But elastic not contain offset kafka message (number of message).
I add

decorate_events => true

to input kafka section and have now


How i may use subfield "kafka": "offset":1411769133 from input as document_id ( _id ) in output elasticsearch.

This need for messages non duplicate, for test all messages put to elastic, and so.

Thank you!

elasticsearch {
  index => "kafka_requests-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
  document_id => "%{[kafka][offset]}"
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Thank you! It's work!