How to get kibana advanced settings from API?

I would like to get the advanced settings in kibana from an API call.
I tried

GET .kibana/_search 
  "query": {
    "term":  { 
      "type": { 
        "value": "config" 

but I am getting this under source 

"_source" : {
          "config" : {
            "buildNum" : 30896,
            "defaultIndex" : "ff959d40-b880-11e8-a6d9-e546fe2bba5f"
          "type" : "config",
          "references" : [ ],
          "updated_at" : "2020-06-11T13:54:14.909Z"

I am trying to retrieve the Date format, the CSV separator, Formatting locale, the darkmode and so on. But as we can see from the response above they are not there.
Any Idea where I can find them through an API call?

Sorry, but you can't. you can only retrieve the values you set manually, so if css separator, formatting locale, dark mode were set, you could retrieve them with your request.


Thanks for your reply.
Where do I have to set them manually?


You mean via API and not UI?

Both I tried on the UI and I c'ant get the settings.


Which version of Kibana are you using? here are the docs of our advanced settings:


My kibana version is 7.6.1.
After setting the csv separator, formatting locale and dark mode using the UI on the advanced setting page, I still can't get them using the request above. They are not showing up in the response.

ok, thx, I will check this

This should work if you set it to a non-default value:

ok thanks very much.

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