How to get Log Patterns similar to what does?

Hi everyone,

One thing I really would love to have in Elastic is a easy way to find patterns in logs like does:

I have been playing with Elastic Machine Learning capabilities and I do know if I use things like grok, I might achieve something similar. But it's not as convenient as makes it.

This being said I would really appreciate to listen to your thoughts of how something similar could be achieved.


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This is the in built ML categorization that you can find in the logs app in Kibana or create on your own in machine learning.

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Slightly old video - now there is a dedicated job wizard that assists in the configuration of such a job.

What is shown in the video here is to find anomalies in patterns in log files, but of course, the side-effect is that the process of categorization also produces information about number of unique categorizes per data source, etc: Get categories API | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic

Firstly: a sincere thanks for your replies.

I will explore these capabilities in the next weeks.

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