How to get status of Zombie process in mertricbeat metrics?

Dear Team,

I tried many times to get the status of zombies process, I did not get a zombie process, I followed the steps, please help me.

Hi @Aftab_Ali :slight_smile:

Which version of Metricbeat are you using and what procedure are you following to get the zombie processes on your machine? (outside of Metricbeat). Asking in a different way, why are you sure that you actually have zombie processes and that there's an error on Metricbeat not showing them?

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Dear Mario_Castro,

Thanks for the reply, I created zombie process, which is showing in top command and on top, I can see running and sleeping process and I created pie chart given images above and I am getting running, sleeping, unknown process but I generated zombie process for testing purpose but i am not getting zombie process count in kibana, i am using metricbeat 6.3.2 version.

You can also see the status of zombie process on top.

I'm not an expert in the field but I think that in the screenshot of top you don't have any zombie processes:

You have:
S: interruptible sleep (waiting for an event to complete)
I: I guess it's BSD, in such case it means that it is multi-threaded (using CLONE_THREAD, like NPTL pthreads do)
R: running or runnable (on run queue)

I don't see any Z which is the state of a zombie process.


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Thanks for the reply, i will follow the given hyper link.

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