Metricbeat process_summary on windows

I'm using metricbeat (7.3.2) on Windows, and trying to figure out what the various process_summary metrics mean.

	t		 	process_summary
	t service.type 				system
	# system.process.summary.dead 		0
	# system.process.summary.idle 		0
	# system.process.summary.running 	70
	# system.process.summary.sleeping 	0
	# system.process.summary.stopped 	0
	#	 	72
	# system.process.summary.unknown 	2
	# system.process.summary.zombie 	0

Primarily I would like to know what unknown might indicate, in a windows context.

Next to that, I would like to know which of the other statuses are relevant on windows. In the data I've collected so far, I haven't seen any dead / idle / stopped / zombie (I have seen sleeping).

Is this question better asked on Github?

Hi @tomr,

You guessed correctly, only possible states in Windows are running, sleeping and unknown. Unknown means there was an error retrieving this info. An error should show up in Metricbeat logs for latest case. Some more details on the implementation can be found here:

Best regards

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