How to get the actual values next to the bars and colors cnahge?

I'm trying to implement design into Kibana's Canvas and I'm stuck.

I need two things:

How to add the actual bar values at the end (or anywhere) of the bars?
Any chance to change the color of the bars regarding some value. I know how to do it on an image but is it possible to do this here?

This is what I have now:

and this is how I like to look:


EDIT: I see lots of requests about this feature. Is it implemented yet?

You can use the text parameter of the pointseries. From the side bar, under dimensions and measures, click the + button, select text and set it to value.

Or you can stick it in the expression by simply adding text=value to pointseries

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As for changing the bar colors. You'll need to add a series style for them, though I think there's a bug when using horizontalBars=true at the moment, we're poking at it.

Great! Any chance I can wrap the values in (x)? Any markup that can be added?
EDIT: Did that with css. ::before and ::after did the trick.

Also, where to start with learning all this functions? Are they Elasticsearch or just Kibana? Some good courses/tutorials would be greatly appreciated.


Functions are specifically a Kibana Canvas thing, check out the stuff on There's a bunch of stories and videos, along with reference documentation


I added

palette={palette "#882E72" "#B178A6" "#D6C1DE" "#1965B0" "#5289C7" "#7BAFDE" "#4EB265" "#90C987" "#CAE0AB" "#F7EE55" "#F6C141" "#F1932D" "#E8601C" "#DC050C" gradient=false}

but nothing is changing. Is that the bug?

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