How to get the average between two timestamp

HI, (I'm literally new on Kibana). My Team leader asked to me to do the visualize on Kibana with the count... of the log got on Spring microservice. The problem is now I have to display the average between timestamps of one microservice (where it start) and the microservice where it ends. Both logs are in different sources (one where it start "ingestion", one where it end "sender"), I saw some script that I can apply to visualize but I can't find anything that help me out. Is there something I can do?

Seems like a runtime field (or scripted field in earlier versions) is what you need. Check out Elastic Runtime Field example repository from elastic content share

Especially this one: Manipulate time using Elastic runtime fields from elastic content share

I don't this is the same version, my problem is:
I have a timestamp of one log and in another log I have another timestamp now I want to get the average of this two timestamps but I can't find the right script because all show me operation with one time stamp and I don't know how to get the timestamp of the another document

Ah, if those are in different documents then the runtime field won't work. I think for such a calculation you would have to switch to vega (Vega | Kibana Guide [8.1] | Elastic) which gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of calculations at the expense of a harder time to configure it. Let me know whether you want to take that approach, I can assist you with putting together the vega spec.

I will try to use, anyway when I opened it give me this as message: * Internal Server Error
About the logs are all in a same page in kibana, just in different logs, when I use the data table to split the rows I wanna visualize: Name(filtered by different source), serviceId, and the average time it take for eanch serviceId from the pipeline where it start (there are in source called 'Ingestion') and the pipeline where it ends (called sender) do you think I can do this on kibana?

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