How to get the selected fields from a search that are not under the _source?

I am trying to get only the fields selected from a search. I know that we can use include / exclude to select parts of _source:
But how about the fields that are not under the _source?
For example how to filter only the _index, _type and _score from the object below?

     "_index": "kibana_sample_data_logs",
                    "_type": "_doc",
                    "_id": "DTMTgnEBbYNxp5GHcvak",
                    "_version": 1,
                    "_score": null,
                    "_source": {
                        "agent": "Mozilla/4.0 ",
                        "extension": "",
                        "url": "",
                        "tags": [
                        "geo": {
                            "srcdest": "TH:CN",
                            "src": "TH",
                            "coordinates": {
                                "lon": -73.27455556,
                                "lat": 43.61534389

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