Include and exclude fields

(lucifer) #1

One main thing is not clear in the documentation. When I specify the include and the exclude fields in _source field of the elasticsearch, are the excluded fields not stored or not displayed in the result?

Because if it is stored but not displayed, we can change it afterwards. But if it is not even stored, we can't change that. Kindly let me know.

(Nik Everett) #2

Would you mind linking to the documentation of the feature you want to use? If you mean _source filtering then it is a "stored by not displayed" thing that you can use as part of a search.

(lucifer) #3

Two questions:

  1. What is the difference between "_source":"false" and "_source" { "enabled" : "false" } Is it the same?

  2. If my _source is enabled, but I exclude certain fields from getting displayed in the result, will those fields still be stored?

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