Enabling/Disabling _source field query

I have gone through the merits and problems or disabling the _source field. But my main query is that if I disable the _source field then what am I supposed to expect as search result query. When I tried this then all I see is the index, id, type and few other meta data fields. So why would someone disable the _source fields when the search results itself is not available.

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I tried a small experiment
I created an index with a little more than 1 million docs. but i indexed the same line 1 million times "This index has only one sentence, nothing more than that"
The size of indices with and without _source are 39287618 and 37506437 bytes respectively.
I don't see any big change in size of the indices either. So i am not very clear on why what is the advantage of disabling the source.

We don't recommend disabling the source.

You can disable the source and enable store for some fewer fields than the whole document.

@dadoonet So if we disable source without enabling store for any fields then can we see the results? I mean will there be anything more than meta fields in search results and will be useful at all?

No you can't.

will be useful at all?

It depends. Some people are storing their _source in a 3rd party system and prefer to do lookups in that system. So they just need to get back ids and nothing more.

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