How to grant permissions for jedis in 5.0.0-alpha5

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My plugin needs jedis.
But when constructing the connection pool, i was asked for the permission: "createMBeanServer";
And after adding this permission, another permission called: "org.apache.commons.pool2..." "registerMbean"
is required.

The problem is i cannot grant this permission. Because:
when i grant it like: "org.apache.commons.pool2*" "registerMbean"
I get following error: error parsing file:/home/es/elasticsearch-5.0.0-alpha5/plugins/.installing-1345536864053395201/plugin-security.policy:
line 23: expected [;], found [*]

and if i write: "org.apache.commons.pool2*";
The error becames: error adding Permission,
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: MBeanPermission: actions can't be null

So, i think the problem is: i need specify the action, but the parser cannot recognize the action?

My current elasticsearch version is 5.0.0-alpha5

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up again...
Anyone knows?

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