How to graph a pie including null values


I have a lot of apache logs and I would like to make a pie about terms of a field that may contain any string, and often contains "-".

According to this comment, the "-" is seen as null by Elasticsearch. When I do the pie with terms, I only have the other strings, (there is only two other values possible) and no "-", while most of the pie should be about "-" logs.

How can I do a pie that includes the "-" values?

I'm using Elasticsearch/Kibana 6.0.0.


The green slice there is a "-". I'm running the latest 7.x version, but I don't think that was a very recent change. How capable are you of upgrading to the latest 6.x?

It's a production cluster on a "old fashioned infrastructure" which mean that the upgrade will take time and has to be planed.

However I'm interested to know the settings of your tokenizer. I use:

"settings": {
"analysis": {
"analyzer": {
"keylower": {
"filter": "lowercase",
"tokenizer": "keyword"

I didn't set up a tokenizer, in my case. Just used whatever the default is.

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