How to Grok hexidecimals to Human Readable Values

I am a Grok newbie , this is my first post i need to know how to grok hex values into a grok pattern for the purpose of creating a logstash pipeline.I have googled for a while but found nothing helpful

this is a typical sample of the data i need to grok

4167b8f8 RADAR_PASW42_LSSW_J0570001|23fe|b72afd25|10f

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Can you give more context about what you want to do?

What is your expected output?

What fields do you want to extract from this message:

4167b8f8 RADAR_PASW42_LSSW_J0570001|23fe|b72afd25|10f

Also, if your data always look like the one you shared, you do not even need grok to parse it, there are other filters like dissect, csv and kv, that can be combined to parse a message more easily than grok.

4167b8f8 RADAR_PASW42_LSSW_J0570001|23fe|b72afd25|10f
| | | | |
| | | | +-> Unique number in hex
| | | +--------> Directory Identifier
| | +---------------> File Size in hex
| +-------------------------------> File Name
+---------------------------------------------------> Unix Time in hex

Hope this explains it better

You want something like this?

Unix Time in hex = 4167b8f8
File name = RADAR_PASW42_LSSW_J0570001
File Size in hex = 23fe
Directory Identifier = b72afd25 
Unique number in hex = 10f

If so, you can easily use the dissect filter plugin to parse this message.

Something like this:

filter {
    dissect {
        mapping => {
            "message" => "%{time_in_hex} %{file_name}|%{size_in_hex}|%{directory_id}|%{unique_number}"

You can also use grok, but everything will need to use the DATA pattern.

filter {
    grok {
        match => {
            "message" => "%{DATA:time_in_hex}%{SPACE}%{DATA:file_name}|%{DATA:size_in_hex}|%{DATA:directory_id}|%{DATA:unique_number}"

There's nothing native to convert hex to decimal. You might be able to do it via Script processor | Elasticsearch Guide [8.4] | Elastic, but it'd probably be a funky script.

HI Leandrojmp many thanks for all your help very useful, on the other sample data i managed to work with it ...however how do i grok for this other sample data , i have made some progress but note quite what want

6310fc62 Example-pre 0 0 a|20220901183445_solar_radio07274b0_refl-opt_metdb.h5||6b613|0.01|0|54270446|6310fc62_53bd_0

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