How to hide controls like Saved Filter Menu and Add Filter Menu, Options Menu when embedding Kibana IFrame URL in the web application

We are embedding kibana iframe url in our web application.

We wanted to hide controls like

  • Saved Filter Menu
  • Add Filter Menu
  • Options Menu
    Some of the above filters exposes the index names under Data View that are available for user to see. We wanted to avoid user to use them.


We tried creating user with view access role which provides limited options in the Options Menu but not hiding controls like mentioned above.

Hiding them via CSS or javascript can be a way when web application and kibana shares same sub domain. But ours has a cross domain requirement as of now.

Please suggest better way to handle this. Thanks

Hi, the only options of what can be included or not when embedded, are given when you create the embed code:

The options on what to include are:

  • Top menu
  • Query
  • Time filter
  • Filter bar

I think what you are looking for is to hide the Query option and Filter bar option. If that's not it, then Kibana might not currently support an option to hide the specific thing you want, but you are welcome to file an enhancement request at

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