While embedded Kibana how to hide Menu Bar?

Hi ,

I am embedded Kibana , I am only using Kibana Discover and share link then I added iframe in my page.
But I don't want to user see all of menu bar Kibana.Is it possible to hide menu bar? or Just show discover item in menu bar?


There isn't a way I know of to do this in 6.x, but as of 7.2 you can use role management to conditionally show/hide different apps in Kibana.

Using role management you could, for example, create a role with access only to Discover, which would hide all other menu bar items, and then use a reverse proxy to provide credentials to a user with that role via Basic Authorization headers.

Auto-authenticating to iframe-embedded Kibana dashboard has a fairly in-depth explanation of what this looks like using nginx as an example.

Hopefully this helps a bit!

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