How to hide weekends in time series graph?

Is it possible to hide weekend dates in a time series graph in Kibana?

There isn't a built in easy config to hide weekends. A possible solution could be date range aggregation with ranges set to not include weekends. Or possibly at index time to add a field stating whether it's a weekend or not and filter it out.


I would like to know how do you specify that? ( the format of From - To)
I would like also to hide the nights...
So to summarize I would like to work only with the weekdays from 8 to 12 for exemple.


The available date formats can be found at

I added a flag to elastic search documents which indicates is it a weekend or not. How to tell kibana to exclude those data points from graph?

In the search bar you can write something like myWeekendField:false

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Thanks will try it on monday!

I think that if you just add a flag, with the date histogram, you will still see the weekend dates on the graph , I will just hide the points if you have data for the Week end.
Concerning the Date Range and Date formats, I think it's a good idea even if I don't understand how can I specify that I want the data from Monday to Friday.
Let me know if you found anything.
Thank you