How to hot-reload the modified contents (.html, .js, .css) automatically for the running Kibana instance?

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I want to modify the source code of Kibana, e.g., modify some .html or .js files. But I found when I refresh my Chrome browser, my update is not showing up in the browser. I found that the browser uses kibana.bundle.js instead of the .js source files. kibana.bundle.js is like a binary compiled from .js source files and contains no style format. I don't want to modify it.

I'm not familiar with how Kibana .js source files are compiled to kibana.bundle.js an where the configuration is. And it's not hot-reload. So can you tell me how to make Kibana hot-reload? So when I modify .js source files, my browser can show the difference, thanks!

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hi @hsluoyz,

Kibana needs to recompile the bundle.js files, so you will have to restart the Kibana-server.

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@thomasneirynck thanks for your reply.

But restarting the server is so slow. I know for production-use, we show recompiling and packaging everything. But for development, I can't believe that even I change a single text in a page, I have to restart the server to see the effect.

For a large and complex system like Kibana, is this true that this is how Kibana is developed? Or are there any tricks to accelerate and smooth the development experience?

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