How to ignore "broken pipe" exceptions?

Hi thanks for the wonderful elastic stack! I am seeing broken pipe errors as follows:

However, it seems that it is not a problem. (Please correct me if I am wrong!) Therefore, I hope I can ignore it.

But currently I only know the config ignore_pattern which only match class names, instead of matching messages in nested exceptions. Thus what should I do? Thanks!

We don't have an option in the agent to ignore an exception based on the message.

What you could do is to create a custom ingest node processor that conditionally drops the event: Drop processor | Elasticsearch Reference [master] | Elastic

Another option is to just not drop it. It can still be useful to monitor the rate of the broken pipe errors to see if it gets unusually high.

Hmm that is not very elegant :frowning: I want to keep exactly zero errors (and even 1 error will make an alert to me). The ingest node processor seems to be a bit heavy (?)

Thank you all the same.

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